HSS002-2 Hyper SCADA Server

The HSS002-2 is the top-of-the-line model of a line of state-of-the-art network-based SCADA system servers offered by Data Flow Systems.

The HSS002-2 includes dual Hyper Server Modules that provide Hot- Standby Redundancy and feature automatic switch-over without human involvement. The secondary server mirrors the entire database every 10 minutes. A back-up of entire database is stored to a primary workstation computer daily.

Supporting up to seven independent radio frequencies, up to 3,584 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and several communication protocols, our SCADA servers are ready to operate a SCADA system right out of the box. Every Hyper SCADA Server is delivered with the capacity to support 645,120 physical "hard-wired" I/O points, plus an unlimited number of "virtual" points.

The self-contained design of our SCADA system servers isolates the critical remote equipment polling, data collection, storage, and information serving functions from the operator interface using Client-Server Architecture. Data is readily available to operators, supervisors, and managers throughout the utility enabling them to make fast and effective decisions.

The Hyper SCADA Server offers the power and speed of networking, stability and reliability that you expect in a server and the versatility to expand without costly license upgrades. All SCADA Software upgrades are provided free of charge for the life of the system.

HSS002-2 Parts List

The HSS002-2 package includes the following: